Why Your Cat Thinks You’re a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

I recently read an article with the above title in WIRED magazine.
The author interviewed veterinarian, Dr. Buffington regarding his research into interstitial cystitis, a painful and chronic inflammation of feline bladder tissue. His findings point to stress as a major culprit in the condition and feels it is critical for cat owners to reduce stress within their environment to help prevent the condition.

How do you do that? Well, he says it’s about learning to listen to your cat – something most cat owners are not too good at.
Common cat inside a kaleidoscope, mirrors

One example he provides regards the use of behavior modification techniques many owners use like shouting at, spraying with water or other techniques to distract your cat from doing something you don’t want them to do. Cats don’t know how to connect your ‘punishment’ to their behavior due to the fact that they developed as solitary hunters with little need to develop any social cues for reading others behavior. Interesting huh?
Read more of Dr. Buffington’s advice here.
Why Your Cat Thinks You’re a Huge, Unpredictable Ape

I’m joining BlogPaws in celebrating Pet Health Awareness Month. The Hop will be running all month long.


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  1. Sounds to me like this was written by a cat trying to get out of trouble 😉 I think at our house it is the cat that stresses out the human and the dogs!
    Emma recently posted…Lip Fold Surgery And DogsMy Profile

  2. Very interesting! We don’t spray water at them, and we only yell at Sam when she’s scratching the walls. She just ignores us anyway, so I don’t think we’re stressing her out much. 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Golden GirlMy Profile

  3. Great information, yes stress is one of the leading causes of FUS. Have to keep those kitty’s stress free. It might be as simple as not having a vacuum next to the litter box or having the litter box in a high traffic area. Cats are so touchy about things. Anything can really set them off.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes~A Little Of This And ThatMy Profile

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