Why Do Cats Like to Sit in Boxes?

When cats explore, they are always watching out for a potential hiding space. The experience of jumping out from or sliding into a box resonates with their instinct to find protected spaces where they are able to see their environment without being seen. Providing boxes and other similar confined spaces for your cat is an inexpensive way to enrich their environment.

Hide & seek is a favorite game. A box creates the perfect opportunity for that! They can play, stalk without being noticed, create their own fortress or they may just want a place to hide from all the noise of kids, dogs and other household events. It’s no secret that cats love to stalk, and having a way to do it while shielded from view can make for the ultimate sneak attack.
Cats feel secure in small, tight spaces. They check the openings by using their whiskers to ensure their bodies can fit inside. Any small space that just barely fits your kitty is perfect for feeling secure and keeps people (or other pets) out. The places a kitty could hide are not just limited to boxes; cats love shoe boxes, paper bags, their carriers or even bookcase cubbies. They even love curling up under the covers warm and out of view from anything or climbing behind furniture.
Here’s a fun video on cats and boxes – if you have a cat, I’m sure you can relate.


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  1. My old cat’s favorite box was the water bottle box with the plastic wrapper still left on as a roof.
    Ann Staub recently posted…The Catmobile and Other Furry FriendsMy Profile

  2. Just got a new box in the mail yesterday. We always leave them out for a couple days for the kitties to play with and then get rid of them and wait for another new one to arrive.
    Emma recently posted…GBGV Chefs Bake Halloween CookiesMy Profile

  3. She does, but not as much as Bert.
    Emma recently posted…GBGV Chefs Bake Halloween CookiesMy Profile

  4. Yep weez do luv boxes alwight. Gweat posty.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi
    Dezi recently posted…Be Careful: It’s That TimeMy Profile

  5. Samantha does love boxes, but baskets are her favorite. We have some open shelves in our bathroom with some storage baskets and that’s one of her favorite places to hide.
    Jan K recently posted…Birthday Fun & Fitness with ToysMy Profile

  6. Cute video, MK doesn’t hang out in boxes. I try to get her to in the chewy box for some pictures and it’s a no go but Gambler on the other hand well he loves boxes.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Petplan’s “Eat This, Not That!,” ~ Edible Pet Health Hazards GuideMy Profile

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