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Hello friends, welcome to SlimKitty, sister site to SlimDoggy. SlimKitty came about as a natural companion to SlimDoggy. The SlimDoggy Blog and iPhone App were created out of our work with our dog Jack we adopted 3 years ago. Jack was overweight and out of shape, so getting him fit and healthy became our mission.


In working with Jack we uncovered the shameful state of pet obesity in the US. Current figures put 52% of dogs as overweight. We knew we had to do something to raise awareness and fight this problem and so we built the SlimDoggy App and started the SlimDoggy Blog. We regularly write about proper food and nutrition and have created a database of over 3,000 dog foods providing an analysis of their ingredients, calories and a SlimDoggy Rating.
Our initial focus was on dogs because of Jack, but we knew that cat obesity was an even bigger problem (no pun intended). Over 57.6% of cats in the US are considered overweight. That’s a lot of fat cats.


Our goal for SlimKitty is the same as our goal for SlimDoggy, to bring awareness to the health hazards caused by pet obesity and educate cat owners on raising healthy, fit & happy cats. We will post about cat food, reading and understanding your cat’s food labels – our goal is to help you to recognize what’s good and bad in your cats food and treats. We are working on extending our Food Database to include cat food and we will be publishing that soon.


We also hope to write about proper fitness levels for your cat. We know exercising cats isn’t quite the same or as easy as exercising your dogs, but we will try to be creative in devising interesting and fun activities to do with your cat to help burn calories and keep them fit.


Since we don’t have our own cats, we will be relying on the cat community to provide us with first-hand experience and insight into cat behavior, health and fitness. We will be building a community of contributors to provide guest posts and photos of their cat family. If you would like to participate and be a contributor, please email us via our  contact form.


Our focus is and always will be on Food, Fitness & Fun for Healthy Pets, so join in and be part of the SlimKitty family!


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  1. Congratulations on a much needed topic, LOVE the logo!

  2. Congratulations on getting this up and going! We are excited for what we can learn, and for the chance to share some things that have worked for us. I’ve had cats since I was a child, and there have been some overweight ones along the way.
    SlimDoggy has taught us so much about dog food, I can’t wait to learn more about cat food as well.
    Jan K recently posted…A Plan of Action for Spring – Part 1My Profile

    • We’re excited too and so glad that you’ve joined us!
      KitKat recently posted…Welcome to SlimKittyMy Profile

  3. ARGH!! I just wrote a cool message to you but then the page refreshed and I lost all the wonderful things I told you. 🙁
    Basic jist is….CONGRATULATIONS!! I might need some tips for my overly happy with food sister MeowMeow. Us three pups are super slim and at a good healthy weight, but somehow Meow is remaining a very large girl. We just want her to be healthy, but are at a loss as to why she can’t lose any weight. Looking forward to your posts!
    Love your friend, Pixel
    Pixel Blue Eyes recently posted…The Joy of a Healthy Smile – Pixel Introduces New #Milk-Bone Brushing ChewsMy Profile

  4. Thanks for launching and hosting SlimKitty. The kitty’s need a place to go for help. Love the logo and the colors. Congrats to the Slimkitty crew.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…FitDog Friday~Ducks and Pink BumpersMy Profile

    • You’re welcome! We’re excited to help out those flabby tabbies!
      KitKat recently posted…Welcome to SlimKittyMy Profile

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