SlimKitty Up Close & Personal: Oreo

Today, we continue our Up Close & Personal series with OREO. Oreo is the new kitty sister of our friend Boo who we meet a last week and kitty sister to Buddy & Watson from Collarific Bandanas.

  1. How did you get your name?
    My rescue group named me Maggie, but it sounded too much like my doggy brother’s name (Buddy). My new name, Oreo, fits me for two reasons: 1) I’m black and white, and 2) I have a split personality, just like all tiny kittens — a snuggly cuddler one minute and a speedy ninja the next.
  2. How long have you lived with your family? & do you get along with your siblings?
    I was adopted at 8 weeks old and have been living with my new family for almost two months now. My furmom adores me, of course, and my furdad (who is not a “cat guy”) admits that I’m completely adorable and thinks my antics are hilarious. My three-year-old feline brother, Boo, is happy to have another cat in the house to play with. I also have two golden retriever brothers, Buddy and Watson, both one year old, who tower over me but are super gentle with me. I love to snuggle into my doggy brothers’ fur at nap time, chase their wagging tails, and even try to play with their toys. My furmom keeps telling me I’m a kitten, but I think I’m really a dog.
  3. What is your favorite thing to eat and why?
    Since I’m only four months old, I’m on a strict diet of only kitten food so that I grow up healthy and strong. I get canned food twice a day, plus I’m offered kibble four times a day. Because of the other pets, mom can’t leave kibble down all the time, so I get to eat until my belly is full, then do it all again a few hours later. Boo is on a strict diet, too, but he keeps managing to steal my kibble when mom looks away, so I think it’s going to take him quite a while to loose that one extra pound that the vet said he should drop.
  4. What do you like to do for exercise?
    Since I’m just a baby, I like to attack just about everything. It’s great exercise for a ninja-in-training like me. Mom purposely puts the little box at the base of the basement stairs so that Boo and I have to go up and down for extra exercise, but I love to run up and down the stairs just for fun. Mom also has the spare bedroom set up just for Boo and me (no dogs allowed, thanks to a strategically placed baby gate) and we have a really tall cat treat in the window, plus lots of toys. Boo and I can wrestle and play in there. But my all-time favorite toy is a stuffed mouse on the end of a string tied to a plastic stick … Mom swings it around and I chase it all over until she tells me I have to rest.
  5. What’s the biggest mischief you’ve ever done?
    As a kitten, I try to get into just about everything, because making mischief is my biggest goal in life right now. Mom is teaching me that I’m not allowed on the tables, but I still manage to get up there sometimes. I like to hunt for things in plastic bags because I like to bite the plastic and leave teeth marks in it. Mom is especially wary of my affinity to chewing power cords, so she has towels strategically placed over them where possible, and a handy water bottle to spray me when I do get hold of one. I also like to sit by doors and try to sneak out when the dogs are going outside, so Mom said I have to be the first cat she’s ever had who has to wear a collar with a jingle bell. It’s really hard to be a ninja-in-training wearing a jingle bell (sigh).

    Guest post from: Loren Sztajer from Collarific Dog Bandanas



    We are joining up with the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog and My Brown Newfies



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