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Bust-a-mythToday we are bringing one of our reader’s favorite SlimDoggy features to SlimKitty: MYTHBUSTERS! This special feature is where we take a commonly held belief about a cat nutritional need, behavior or training method and find the REAL facts. Is it true or is it MYTH?
Today’s SlimKitty Mythbuster is the idea that cats love (and need) to drink milk.
This is just not true at all and could actually contribute to health problems in cats. Cats are carnivores. Unlike dogs who are omnivores, cats must have meat protein in their diet to survive. But they do not require milk. Cats are mammals and are fed with cat’s milk by their mother, but after they are weaned, milk is definitely not a dietary staple for cats.
Kittens or cats should NOT be given cow’s milk. If given any milk at all, it should be lactose free as they lack the proper enzymes to break down the lactose in milk to properly digest it. This may lead to allergies, diarrhea or vomiting.

Cat drinking milk

Cats don’t derive any additional nutritional value from milk and milk is high in calories. Feeding it to your cat regularly may contribute to your cat being overweight.
Cats need water more than milk so be sure your cat has ready access to plenty of fresh water each day.
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  1. So glad you busted this myth, cats do not need milk and yes it causes all kinds of digestive issues. Canned food with water added if needs more liquid is a better way to go, unless you have a kitten that still needs milk then you get the proper kitten milk re placer.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~Fallen ClosetMy Profile

  2. LOL ! Love it. We never give our cats milk, but guess who got on the counter and drank about 1/4 cup of milk the other day? Yep, Bert. Guess who had a mess in the litter box the next morning…yep, Bert. I don’t think he learned a lesson but we know for sure there is a reason we don’t give them milk.
    Emma recently posted…Baywatch GBGV StyleMy Profile

  3. Milk is actually awful for cats, it causes an unnecessary upset tummy!!!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Cats! Grab your food bowls, it’s DINNER TIME Somewhere! #nutrishforcats Enter to win!My Profile

  4. We never get milk. Well, sometimes I get the leftover milk in the mom’s cereal bowl. ~Wally
    The Island Cats recently posted…Mancats – What Makes You Happy?My Profile

    • I think occasional small amounts are probably okay.
      KitKat recently posted…SlimKitty MythbusterMy Profile

  5. Great post! I wasn’t really sure if cow’s milk was harmful to cats, but I knew they didn’t need it. Thank you for clearing up this myth. I will say that we do give our cats milk (a tiny amount) as a treat every now and then. They love it! However, we really only give it in tiny amounts and it has given Scout an upset stomach before, so now I know we should really stop giving it to them completely. There are healthier treats we can give them.
    Lindsay recently posted…High end dog leash from RuffGripMy Profile

    • Absolutely…and if you want to give them milk, make it lactose free.
      KitKat recently posted…SlimKitty MythbusterMy Profile

  6. We used to give the cats milk, but don’t anymore. They did like it, however, so good to know that maybe I could treat them to lactose free sometimes. I wonder where this myth started?
    Jan K recently posted…Summer Safety Series – Heat SafetyMy Profile

  7. Wees du agwee dat aftew weanin’ milk iis noot good fur kittys or cats. Howevew, mommy has waised/bottle fed ovew 300 kittens on whole Vit. D Cows milk, meez and me sisfur included, and all did well and grew tu be happy healthy cats. But as yous sed, aftew weanin’, is not good or needed.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi recently posted…KetchupMy Profile

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