SlimKitty Mythbuster | Grumpy Cat or Are Cats Loners?

Is it true that cats are solitary creatures and the prefer to be alone? That’s part of the conventional wisdom isn’t it – cats are crabby and don’t want to interact with you or with other pets. I mean look at Grumpy Cat as an example.

But is it true? Are cats grumpy loners?
Unlike dogs, humans and many animals that prefer to live in packs, cats are solitary hunters, so people tend to think they would rather be alone. But that’s not actually true. Cats may hunt on their own, but they do live within a community and bond within that group. Many people have multiple cats and while it’s true some prefer to be the only cat in a household, the same can be said for dogs.
Cats are asocial – which is not the same as anti-social. Asocial animals live solitary lives, but band together to breed and raise their young. Multiple cats can co-exist within a household, although it may be more challenging than dogs. Dogs tend to form a hierarchy when living together which helps set the rules and guidelines for coexistence. Cats do not, so there may be more fighting amongst the group.

How about your cats – do they get along?

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  1. We all know, cat bro Bert is more dog than cat. He loves people, and is one of the first to the door when visitors arrive. Sophie keeps to herself, is rarely seen by anyone, and doesn’t like dogs much. Bert and Sophie don’t spend much time together, but they do fight over sleeping spots – they only have like 100 scattered around the house.
    Emma recently posted…Chew BlueMy Profile

  2. We have always had multiple cats and they have always gotten along. Some were very social, always out and about interacting with each other, the people, and the dogs, and some have been more loners. Samantha is definitely a loner, but she gets along with everyone. She just prefers to find quiet places to sleep.
    Jan K recently posted…Look Who’s Playing – Black & White SundayMy Profile

  3. Sometimes I think MK is a loner then she surprises me and jumps on my lap and wants to lay there until I pet her then she bites me.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Bad Mom No Biscuit~Gambler Blows A MoccasinMy Profile

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