SlimKitty Mythbuster | Cats Hate Water

It’s accepted conventional wisdom that cats hate water…but is that really true? Actually, the answer is NO. There are many cats taht actually love water as can be seen in this video.

So why the belief? Well domesticated cats have developed this aversion over time and probably as a result of our shielding them from the elements. But cats in the wild and several varieties of cats have no aversion. The Turkish Van loves water and frequently swims to cool off as do big cats. Yes the stay clear of waters that contain crocodiles or other predators, but frequently will swim to cool off.
If you have cats, you’ve probably seen their fascination with a water faucet – typically they delight in playing with the dripping water. If given the chance, they will also sit by a stream and ‘fish’ for their dinner.
Bathing a cat fearful of water can be an ordeal, but handle it slowly in incremental steps until they realize the water isn’t going to hurt them is the best method.
How about your cat – water lover or hater?


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  1. Samantha loves to drink out of the faucet, though I’ve never really tried seeing if she wanted to swim in the bathtub or not! I might have to try that this summer when it’s hot.
    Jan K recently posted…Tuesday’s Tails: Meet BonnieMy Profile

  2. Ours love to lick out tubs, and showers. Dripping water is also lots of fun.
    Emma recently posted…My Hankering For FishMy Profile

  3. My kitties are not big fans of water. I think that if I would have been bright enough to have gotten them used to it when they were kittens that they might not be so opposed to it. I think for most cats the problem is 1) the unfamiliar sensation of getting wet, and 2) the inconvenience of having to dry off again.
    Robin recently posted…Survivor Cats: 4 Melt-Your-Heart StoriesMy Profile

  4. We like to drink water, but don’t ask us to take a bath. 😉
    The Island Cats recently posted…A Healthy Routine Leads to the #PerfectWeightMy Profile

  5. Yep weez not know why peeps fink weez so tewrified of da water. We luv da water no matter where it is. Ifin a kitty be exposed to baff time when they be yung, they will always like water. But even an old geezer kitty can learn dat water be fun and good.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi
    Dezi and Lexi recently posted…No News…=No News??My Profile

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