SlimKitty Health Check: Cat Diseases

Over on our sister site, SlimDoggy, we recently introduced a new feature called SlimDoggy Health Check. We knew that kitty’s have just as many health problems as our canine friends so we decided to run a similar series on SlimKitty about feline health and wellness. Our goal is to educate cat owners about potential health issues, provide a bit of information about the disease and some reliable resources for more information. Too many people rely on Dr. Google for information and what you might find isn’t always accurate or reliable. We aim to provide reliable resources to help inform you, but we never suggest that you take what you read over the advice of your veterinarian.

Cat to the vet
With that said, our first step is to provide a list of health issues and diseases that we will cover in the series.

  • Bacterial Diseases
  • Infectious disease
  • – Viral
  • – Fungal
  • Parasites, Worms</li>
  • Parasites, Skin</li>
  • Genetic disease
  • Skin disorder
  • Tumors and cancer
  • Other diseases
  • As with canines, many of these felines diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be passed to humans, so we will take a careful look at those types of health issues.
    We will provide a brief overview of the disease as well as information on the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and the role nutrition and exercise may play a role in the disease. If you suspect your pet has any of these, you should immediately contact your vet as early diagnosis and treatment is always beneficial to your cat’s recovery.
    Stay tuned for our next installment when we look and Infectious diseases.


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  1. Can’t forget about the kitty’s. There are a fair number of people who don’t ever bring their cats in until they are really sick, they feel they don’t go outside so don’t have problems. On the contrair thou, they should still have an exam each year to make sure all is well.
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  2. This sounds like it will be a great series, we’re looking forward to it.
    Jan K recently posted…Luke’s Sunday Selfies SeriesMy Profile

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