SlimKitty Friend: Samantha

Today we feature a post from Guest Blogger Janet Keefe from Wag ‘N Woof Pets and her cat, Samantha. June is Samantha’s birthday month too, so Happy Birthday Sam!

Samantha was born June 1, 2002, to my brother’s cat. There were two females and one male in the litter. At the time we had two cats at home, Conrad and Don Juan. Don was getting on in years, and since Conrad didn’t really like the dogs we thought we should get another cat so he wouldn’t be lonely when Don passed on.

Samantha and sister Katie

Samantha and sister Katie

All three kittens were beautiful and it was difficult to choose. We couldn’t resist and decided to take both females. Since we wanted to transition them into the household slowly by initially keeping them in a separate room, it would be better to have two so they could keep each other company.
They spent about a week on their own and then they joined the household and everyone got along fine. Our plan worked since Katie and Conrad became fast friends, but Samantha turned out to be kind of a loner. She gets along with everyone fine, but more often she finds a quiet place to hide and hang out on her own. She loves baskets and boxes and has been known to disappear completely to places we don’t even know about. She’s actually more likely to be hanging out with the dogs than Conrad (we lost Katie to cancer several years ago). She is very affectionate but doesn’t often seek out affection…we usually have to go to her.

Samantha as a kitten

Samantha as a kitten

When we brought the two girls home, we made the decision that they would be indoor cats. We had lost too many outdoor cats…two were hit by cars, one disappeared completely (probably killed by wildlife), and the last straw was when Don Juan’s mother got attacked and killed by the neighbor’s dog. We had always believed that cats were happier being able to roam outdoors, and we even had a cat door so they could come and go as they pleased. However, statistics show that cats have a much longer life expectancy when kept indoors. They also require fewer vaccinations which can save money.

Many people just bring their cats in at night when it is the most dangerous, but we didn’t have much luck when we tried that with Don and Conrad. I can’t tell you how much time we spent outside trying to call them in, to no avail. Samantha still escapes outside on occasion and I always worry if she spends the night outdoors; but there is no catching her either once she is out there.


Sam & Don Juan

Sam & Don Juan

However, the decision to keep the two girls indoors created an issue we didn’t anticipate having to deal with: both Katie and Samantha became overweight from a lack of activity as they got older.
Stay tuned for Part II where I plan to tell how we have dealt with that challenge.

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Guest Blogger Janet Keefe from Wag ‘N Woof Pets and her cat, Samantha.
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Sam’s story. She is such a petite little thing, that it’s hard to believe she used to be even smaller! It’s also hard to believe she’s 12 years old now!
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Toy PreviewMy Profile

    • Time flies doesn’t it – she’s had many great years with you – hopefully many more!
      KitKat recently posted…SlimKitty Friend: SamanthaMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful house panther Samantha is. 🙂
    The Island Cats recently posted…What’s That Wally Doing?My Profile

    • She is pretty cute isn’t she. Thanks for stopping by.
      KitKat recently posted…SlimKitty Friend: SamanthaMy Profile

  3. Good story. Mom wishes our kitties could go outside and cat bro Bert always is trying to run away, but it is just to dangerous. Since we lost Tom, she has definitely decided no outdoor cats.
    Emma recently posted…Dog Fun, Bring out your inner child or puppy!My Profile

    • I would be afraid to let cats outdoors too – especially around here – too many coyotes.
      KitKat recently posted…SlimKitty Friend: SamanthaMy Profile

  4. Oh my I can’t believe that sweet Samantha was ever overweight! She doesn’t look very big now.
    Ann Staub recently posted…9 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets | June is Adopt a Cat MonthMy Profile

  5. What a great part 1. Hello Samantha, and happy birthday to you! I do let MK outside while I am home so she can hang out with me and the dogs but back in the house she goes.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Tasty Tuesday~Best Elk AntlersMy Profile

    • Sounds like she is good and doesn’t run off.
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

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