SlimKitty Friend: Boo or Bringing an Animal Home from the Zoo

Guest post by Loren Sztajer

One beautiful September morning, my husband and I decided to visit the Detroit Zoo, one of our favorite places to stroll around. We parked the car, and began walking to the zoo entrance, when we discovered that it was “Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo” day. This twice-yearly event brings together animal-rescue organizations from across the metro Detroit area for one of the nation’s largest offsite companion-animal adoption events.
Having often volunteered for the Michigan Humane Society to transport animals to the event, I knew exactly how many animals would be inside those numerous tents. I knew there would be adorable puppies and dogs and kittens and cats, all wanting a family to cuddle. I knew we had only just recently lost one of our own cats to illness.
And I knew we were in trouble.
“It’s a beautiful day. Let’s just take a walk through,” I said to my husband. “Sure,” he agreed, “we can walk through before we head into the zoo.”
An hour later, we were deciding which cat to take home, my husband having realized that I had a gap in my heart which was yet to be filled. “You pick it, any are fine with me.” I told him. “I like that one,” he said as he pointed to a young, solid-black cat. I instantly cringed, picturing that black fur on my beige carpeting.

Cheerfully, I asked, “Oh? What makes you want him?” Smiling, he replied, “Because a lady was standing in front of his cage, and he was reaching through the bars to catch her hoodie string like he wanted to strangle her with it. He’s funny.”
Okay, sure. I suppose “future assassin” is as good a criterion for choosing a cat as any. If I’m going to die in my sleep, let it be at the paws of a cuddly feline.
So instead of enjoying a leisurely stroll to see the zoo’s brand-new “up close and personal” lion enclosure, we walked back to the car with a carrier containing a cat operating under the delusion that he should have been headed to his new home with his fellow lions.
Our little kitten never quite lived up to his big-cat dreams, but he quickly became a much-loved member of our family. Having adopted him as Halloween approached, it seemed appropriate to name our all-black cat “Boo” — which turned out to be pretty fun to yell around the house.
Within his two short years, he lost his two feline brothers, and was introduced to two consecutive golden retriever puppies — new brothers who quickly outweighed him exponentially. But our resilient Boo has adopted these two “brothers from another mother” as his new buddies.
Because he can always break out those assassin skills if he needs to.

Guest post from: Loren Sztajer from Collarific Dog Bandanas



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  1. Yea for Boo! We always enjoy “Meet Your Best Friend Day” at the Cleveland zoo. What a happy story here, this really started my day off on a bright note! Hope you have many wonderful years with Boo! Great name too!
    Karen and Gerard recently posted…Abby Dabby Doo Earns Her Salad BreakMy Profile

  2. Sweet story. We had a wonderful b/w cat named Boo. She loved us dogs!
    Emma recently posted…Mischief From The PastMy Profile

  3. What a sweet kitty! And a great story.

    BTW, I visit the Detroit area at least once a year, as I have tons of relatives in the area. One of them is a docent at the zoo, so we get a private tour when she’s around. I love that place!

    Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
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  4. Great story! What a beautiful cat too 🙂

  5. What a great story! I wonder if either Loren or her husband really thought they were going to go home that day without a new cat. 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…SnapLeash Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  6. What a sweet kitty and great story.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Tasty Tuesday With Primal Turkey LiverMy Profile

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