Should you Give your Cat a Haircut?

Last week we shared a post on about a German Shepherd who had been given what’s called a “lion’s cut” by their groomer. There was a bit of controversy because the owner was claiming she never approved the buzz cut and the groomer stating she had. Either way, there are just some dogs who should NOT have their coats trimmed or cut.
I didn’t think much about this relative to cats, because I never heard of cats been trimmed or having their haircut – that is until I saw these pictures on the internet!

This seems totally nutty to me, so I investigated the proper grooming for cats and found that indeed cats should NOT be trimmed unless the fur is hopelessly matted. Even then, go a professional groomer in order to have it done correctly.
Even though cats are known to groom themselves, you should still brush your cat and bath them regularly – especially if they are an outdoor cat. YOu can also use grooming powder in between shampoos to keep your cats fur fluffy and prevent matting.
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  1. I agree cats should never be shaved for cosmetic (or our enjoyment). There are times when they are so matted that is the only answer though. Shaving is not a fun process for the cat. Don’t attempt this at home!
    Anne recently posted…Splenic Masses – The Bane Of Large DogsMy Profile

  2. Yep weez find this totally disgustin’. And weez don’t fink yous oughtta be dyein’ yous doggy or kitty sum ungodly color. Ifin God wanted us to be pink hims wulda made us pink. And ifin Hims hadda wanted us to have a spike cut, weez wuld have it. Hope yous have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi
    Dezi and Lexi recently posted…What A Time…My Profile

  3. Goodness, I can barely get Sam to let me brush her….I am sure she would not put up with something like that (not that I would ever want to do that to her).
    Jan K recently posted…Announcing International Box Day 2015My Profile

  4. The first time I saw pictures of cats with haircuts I thought they were just Photoshop. Then I realized they were real. I don’t understand why would anybody do this…
    Rosa recently posted…Would you buy this? – Crazy Cat Lady Action FigureMy Profile

  5. Why in god’s name would someone do this? its just absolutely disgusting ! i would not want my cat to look like that
    kelly recently posted…Fancy Feast Dry or Wet Cat Food at $1 Off – Fancy Feast Cat Food CouponsMy Profile

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