Part 2: Rocco & Rosie – Health Scare

Today we bring you Part 2 of our story of Rocco & Rosie. You can read Part 1 here.

All in all, we’ve been very fortunate to not have any health issues with Rocco & Rosie, until this past fall. One night I woke up to a loud raucous and looked next to my bed and see Rosie convulsing on the ground on her side. She was stiff and foaming at the mouth shaking around. At first I thought she was choking and tried to clear her mouth then I realized that wasn’t it. The seizure went on for about a minute while I panicked and tried to hold her still but gently.

She finally stopped and just laid there. She had also wet herself and was just lying there. She finally got up but was disoriented and lethargic, could barely walk. I called the vet and they had me bring her in – they ran some tests and everything came back clear….


The next day, back to the vet, more tests, all clear. Finally, we took her to a big cat hospital here in NYC – Blue Pearl – and she saw a neurologist. She had a full PET Scan and a spinal tap done. When I picked her up that night, she was half shaved (her head and neck, and her leg) and the saddest kitty you’ve ever seen. A day or two later, we spoke to the doctor who let us know that Rosie has a severe, but healed, brain fracture. It looks like it happened many years ago. I said sometimes the cats play rough but she said, no its from something very traumatic.
They think that during the first six months of her life, as a stray, she was hit by a car and it was never treated. There is nothing we can do but watch her and if she starts having seizures we can give her anti-seizure medication. It was so sad to hear that she had such a traumatic experience before we got her, but such a relief that it wasn’t something worse.
It’s funny, we’ve always joked that Rocco is the smart one and Rosie gets by on her looks and that Rocco kept Rosie alive during their time as strays but to hear what probably happened to her – it seems like it’s really true. If she was injured that severely, Rocco must have taken good care of his sis. Well, at least it’s what we like to think!

Rocco & Rosie hanging out.


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  1. They are lucky to have you to care so much for them,

  2. That must have been so scary! We’ve had dogs with seizures, but never cats. I’m glad they at least got to the bottom of it, and hope it doesn’t happen too often. It seems there’s a reason they say cats have 9 lives…..they are tough and really can survive some awful things. One of our cats got hit by a car, and even though it turned out he had a broken hip and leg, he had climbed up on the windowsill of our apartment to come back in the house!
    Jan K recently posted…Black & White Sunday – Daffy DogMy Profile

  3. Oh meez hates tu hear ’bout such fings. But meez so glad she has yous now. And yep sounds like a good bwofuw Rocco has been. Wees will purray fuw her evewday tu be okay.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi recently posted…Boom Boom The Red White and Blue!!! Where Were We?My Profile

  4. Wow! That is so scary and so sad for her but it sounds like you will be able to help her if she has more seizures. They are so frightening to watch. Hopefully it won’t get worse.
    Emma recently posted…Essentials For Your Summer Picnic Basket | GiveawayMy Profile

  5. oh boy what a scare, I hope Rosie doesn’t have anymore seizures.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~Fallen ClosetMy Profile

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