Our Story

SlimKitty was developed by the creators of SlimDoggy and like SlimDoggy, we are dedicated to fighting pet obesity and bringing our health and fitness message to cat owners and lovers.

While we don’t have currently have cats ourselves– our dogs Jack and Maggie comprise our pet family– we do have a large extended cat family that you will be meeting and hearing from as SlimKitty grows. If you are interested in being a SlimKitty contributor, follower or featured cat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our contact page or send us a note at “info” at slimdoggy dot com.

Our goal is to make SlimKitty a “community” effort that taps into the experience of our fellow pet bloggers, our friends, and our family. We would love to have cat bloggers, cat owners, cat lovers all join in and share their feline knowledge and stories.

Who is SlimKitty?

  • Steve: Co-founder of SlimDoggy and in-house food & fitness expert.
  • Kate: Co-founder of SlimDoggy and dog mom.
  • Terri: Food Curator
  • Sambuca aka “Dear Tabby”: SlimDoggy Jack’s cousin
  • Rocco & Rosie: SlimDoggy Jack’s cousin
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