Is adopting an adult cat right for you?

Guest post from our friend Emma, from MyGVGBV Life.

Mom has had cats since she was seven years old. She has adopted eleven cats so far, and until she adopted our current set, she always chose kittens. Since this is Adopt a Cat Month, I thought I would tell you why she decided to go with adult cats this time around.
Bert and Sophie 1

At the time in 2008, when Mom decided to get another cat, we still had Biene who had been an abused kitten. She came to the US with us from Germany, but the transition was hard on her after our other cat, Boo, died suddenly in 2007. Biene spent most of her life under the bed. Mom thought another adult cat might help give her the courage to come out and be a bit more normal. I am also a hunter and we weren’t sure how I would be around a kitten. I was still a youngster myself.
Mom headed off to the Animal Humane Society where she has adopted many, many pets over the years to look for a cat. Sophie found Mom first. The other cats in the room were kind of picking on her, so she came to Mom and just wanted to snuggle and be petted. Mom knew right away this was the cat. Of course, brother Bert made his presence known as well. He was so sweet and loveable, Mom was having trouble leaving him behind. Mom can be weird. She has a thing about pets matching. She had Tabby cats, then she had black and white cats, and amazingly, Sophie and Bert matched both being gray and white, so she could take both.
Bert and Sophie 2
It happened, she ended up bringing them both home. Her policy is to never go to a shelter if she doesn’t want to come home with a pet, but two at once was something new. Bert was estimated to be around three, and Sophie one. They integrated with us dogs pretty quickly, although I was in a lot of trouble at first for chasing Bert. We have no idea about their history, but we are pretty sure Bert was an outdoor cat as he is tough, and he is constantly trying to get outside. Sophie is very sweet. The first month or so, she followed Mom around like a shadow. Every time Mom got up, so did Sophie. She and Bert also hung out together a lot, but now they rarely do.
Unfortunately, they were no help with Biene who we moved to the basement for the rest of her years.
Bert and Sophie 3
Would we adopt cats rather than kittens again? Probably, or thinking only of Sophie, yes. You don’t know what life the cat had before you and Bert is definitely a cat that must have had a tough life. He is very hard to live with at times with his destructive and food crazed nature, but he is also sweet and entertaining.

No matter if you are looking for a cat or a kitten, we suggest adopting from a shelter or rescue. On a side note, Mom even adopted three kittens from a rescue group when we lived in Germany and it worked out great!

Our Guest Post today is from Emma from My GBGV Life.

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  1. Great post! I think more people should consider adopting adult cats, especially the seniors, cat’s can live a long long time so you may have many wonderful years with them.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Thursday’s Barks And BytesMy Profile

  2. I think adopting from shelters or rescues is definitely the best way to go. We adopted our cat Conrad from the shelter, he was not a kitten but probably a year old at the most. He was always very skittish and didn’t outgrow that until he got much older. But he’s always been very loving with us, so we wouldn’t do it any different. I love that Emma’s Mom gets matching cats….you have to narrow it down somehow when there’s so many to choose from, so why not?
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Decals & GraphicsMy Profile

  3. I am going to have to read more of Emma’s posts about Bert because my cat Beamer is extremely food obsessed. I mean, we can’t leave any food or trash out or he eats it. He’ll eat bananas, onions, used paper towels, wrappers, you name it. He is very annoying and difficult and we have to confine him to a bedroom when we’re not home, but we love him and we manage it.

    Anyway, I am also in favor of adopting adult cats from rescues and shelters!
    Lindsay recently posted…How to get your dog tired before a road tripMy Profile

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