How High Can Your Cat Jump?

cat jumpingSlimDoggy Jack is not a big jumper. He weighs 80lbs and can barely get all four feet off the ground at once. But cats have a natural jumping ability and can jump up to five or six times their body length. World record for human vertical jump is 60″, on a 5′ tall person that is only 1X body height.
Cats jumping ability comes from the strength in their back legs and their ability to leverage them for ultimate springing capability. Check out this slow motion video to see that spring in action.

And of course no assessment of cats jumping ability would be complete without a YouTube compilation:


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  1. Well, we can jump onto the kitchen counter…about 3 feet or so.
    The Island Cats recently posted…It’s My Gotcha Day!My Profile

  2. Sam can jump onto the kitchen counter, but sometimes she even cheats at that…she’ll use the barstool for a step, or the sink to grab onto! For a few months she couldn’t jump at all (nothing was found wrong with her) so we were glad when she got her jump back. Conrad doesn’t jump at all anymore…he can barely handle walking on flat ground, the poor old guy!
    Jan K recently posted…Blueberry Banana Dog CookiesMy Profile

  3. Cats are amazing with their jumping abilities and the abilities to land back on their feet.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Bad Mom No Biscuit~Gambler Blows A MoccasinMy Profile

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