Domesticating the Cat – Is it Possible?

streetcatI read a few interesting news stories this week on why cats are less domesticated than dogs.

The stories report on recent research at Washington University School of Medicine. The scientists compared cat genomes of domesticate cats with wild cats. They didn’t find much of a difference and noted that the domesticated cat is likely sticking around for the food rewards.
Says senior author, Wes Warren: “Our results suggest that selection for docility, as a result of becoming accustomed to humans for food rewards, was most likely the major force that altered the first domesticated cat genomes.”
Read more about their results:
This Is the Reason Cats are Domesticated

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Cat


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  1. I always suspected they only stuck around for the food…LOL.
    Jan K recently posted…Clicker Training – A Positive Experience (Part 3) – ShapingMy Profile

  2. With Bert, that food thing is obvious, with Sophie, not so much!
    Emma recently posted…One Final Fall FlingMy Profile

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