Dear Tabby, My cat keeps getting stuck in high places!

deartabbyDear Tabby,
My cat Whiskers loves to climb on things, the higher the better. He climbs telephone poles, trees and even the rain gutter. Unfortunately, he can’t always climb down safely. Short of keeping him in the house, what should I do?
Whiskers Mom

Dear Mom,
Having an outdoor cat does present lots of challenges, One of the biggest is keeping them safe, not only from predators, but from themselves! Cats do love to climb, it’s a natural instinct, but their claws hook backwards, so it is much easier for them to climb up then it is to get down. If your cat is not showing distress by being up in the tree, then leave them there, they will come down on their own eventually.
If you don’t want to want for Whiskers to get tired, the simplest way to get them down is to entice them with their favorite foods and just let them make their way down by themselves. Short of that, a sturdy ladder may be your best bet, or there is always the Fire Department.
Dear Tabby


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  1. I wish cat bro Bert would get stuck in a tree and stay there! Usually if you just leave the cat, they will in time make it down on their own.
    Emma recently posted…Important Tips When Walking In A New LocationMy Profile

  2. BOL! Growing up we never helped cats out of tight spots. They always came down when they were ready. I did call the electric company to come get my mocking bird out of the tree, though. They weren’t very happy about it, but they did it.
    Flea recently posted…Leftovers DayMy Profile

  3. Our neighbor cats always climb trees and get down on their own. They are used to getting away from Rocco quickly!
    Diane recently posted…How to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy During Holiday Chaos #FueltheHolidaysMy Profile

  4. But da bestest and most safest option is to keep them in da house. when will peeps learn dat it’s not safe fur their beloved furries to be outside unattended fur any weason. Weez just hate to hear da heartbweak when these furries succumb to sum outside hazawd dat will no doubt befall them.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi
    Dezi recently posted…Sold OutMy Profile

  5. Love the last comment on there is always the fire department. 🙂
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Black & White Sunday~Christmas WeekMy Profile

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