Cat Life Spans

Our companion animals have much shorter life spans than humans. Our main objective is to give our dogs and cats the longest and healthiest life we can through good nutrition, healthy exercise and proper veterinary care. The average cat lives to around twelve years of age, but it can vary greatly by breed. The following gives you a list of breeds and their average life span.

Average Life Expectancy for Cats

Breed Average Lifespan (Years)
Abyssinian 9-15
American Bobtail 13-15
American Curl 15+
American Shorthair 15-20
American Wirehair 7-12
Australian Mist 14-19
Balinese 18-22
Bengal 12-16
Birman 12-16
Blue Chartreux 12-15
Bombay 15-20
British Shorthair 12+
Burmese 16-18
Burmilla 10-15
California Spangled 9-16
Ceylon ~15
Chantilly-Tiffany 14-16
Colorpoint Shorthair 12-16
Cornish Rex 11-15
Cymric 8-14
Devon Rex 9-15
Domestic 12-14
Egyptian Mau 13-16
European Shorthair 15-22
Exotic Shorthair 12-14
German Rex 12-14
Havana Brown 12-15
Himalayan 15+
Japanese Bobtail 15-18
Javanese 10-15
Korat 15+
LaPerm 10-15
Maine Coon 12-15
Manx 8-14
Munchkin 8-14
Nebelung 15-18
Norwegian Forest 14-16
Ocicat 10-15
Oriental 10-15
Persian 15+
Pixiebob ~12
Ragdoll 12-17
Russian Blue 15-20
Scottish Fold ~15
Selkirk Rex 10-15
Siamese 15-20
Siberian 11-15
Singapura 9-15
Snowshoe 12-15
Sokoke 9-15
Somali 10-12
Sphynx 13-15
Tonkinese 10-16
Turkish Angora 12-18
Turkish Van 12-17

Source: The Average Lifespan of a Cat: Breed by Breed Chart

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  1. Our oldest lived to be 18, that was quite a few years ago. Conrad is doing his best to be with us at least that long. We believe he’s coming up on at least 17 around now.
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – #52 Snapshots “Joyful”My Profile

    • Eighteen is a pretty long life for a cat…but I guess if you have nine of them…
      KitKat recently posted…Cat Life SpansMy Profile

  2. it’s always interesting to check out age charts on our animals, they clients get a big kick out of it at work. thanks for sharing.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…How To Stay Fit In Cold Temps~Fitdog FridayMy Profile

    • ok I’m a dumbass and this comment was suppose to go on the other post. As for this one it’s nice to look up a breed and see the longevity then you have a idea about how long they will live.
      Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…How To Stay Fit In Cold Temps~Fitdog FridayMy Profile

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