Bert, The Food Obsessed Cat

Guest Post: Emma, MyGBGV Life
My sisters and I are big SlimDoggy fans and love to stay fit and healthy, but my food obsessed cat bro Bert isn’t a dog, so it hasn’t helped him out much. I was really excited to hear about SlimKitty starting up. Maybe it will be something to motivate Bert? I got into the scratching post with Bert to reminisce his weight issues as well as his obsession with food.

GBGV weight interview with Bert
We adopted Bert from the Humane Society in October 2008. He was a good looking slim 11.4 pound cat, around 3 years old. You can see his slim physique in the photo. He had no fear of dogs or anything else for that matter. He loved to play with cat toys and he was a snuggle cat. We don’t know anything about his life before we adopted him, but perhaps he was left to find his own food? Something must hav triggered this obsession with him.
Bert as a new cat
It didn’t take long living at our house for Bert to balloon up to a hefty 14.1 pounds! See what a wide body he turned into right before our eyes! At first it may seem like 2 ½ pounds is nothing, but it is around a 20% weight gain! We realized he was eating all the food he could get, stole from our kitty sister Sophie, and was gulping his food down, not even chewing it.
Bert at heaviest
Bert was put on a diet as Mom was not happy with having a fat cat. He has always been real active, but he just loves to eat. The diet is where the trouble started. Bert wanted no part of cutting back on food intake. He became an avid counter surfer in no time! He started completely eating his cat toys! To this day he can’t have toys because within about 10 minutes he eats them up and a day later Mom finds the remains in the cat box, yuck!
GBGV Bert Stealing
He waits for mealtime and gets real crabby if his meal is late. If dinner is late he will shred the toilet paper in the half bath. If we sleep too late, he will shred the toilet paper in the master bath. He walks around meowing starting about an hour before mealtime. In his anger he has also chewed up purse handles, eaten through canvas bags and plastic pails with food inside, chewed through electrical cords and shoes, and he knows how to open cupboard doors to get at food. No he is not a dog, but sometimes behaves like one. He is simply obsessed with eating. He steals right off the counter in front of Mom when she is cooking, and has jumped on the table during a meal. It is really amazing! Most humans would have given him back to the Humane Society, but not us. We are in it with him for the duration.
Bert w toilet paper
Despite all his protests, we have managed to get him down to 12.4 pounds. He is still heavier than we would like but it is better than it was. He had a urinary blockage two years ago which is common in neutered male cats. Because of this he is on a special diet for the rest of his life, meaning we can’t feed him diet food. Mom has been firm with smaller portions, we dogs try to play chase with him, and he has a wooden block in the middle of his food bowl to slow down his eating. Bailie has also volunteered to watch over him while he eats his meals.
Having an overweight cat is much more difficult than an overweight dog because of the exercise factor. We do what we can with Bert to keep him as fit and light as possible, but he is a serious challenge. SlimKitty, can you help him?

Our Guest Post today is from Emma from My GBGV Life.

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  1. I agree, it is far more difficult with cats. We do the same things with our Samantha….portion control, and some chasing by the dogs to keep her moving! She will steal the dog treats if we leave them on the counter, and will also push her brother Conrad out of his dish to try to get his food!
    Jan K recently posted…A Plan of Action for Spring – Part 1My Profile

    • Too funny…cats are just as food obsessed as dogs!
      KitKat recently posted…Welcome to SlimKittyMy Profile

  2. just like humans, it is completely possible for a cat to be overweight yet undernourished. Cats, being obligate carnivores NEED meat, and do not need plant based ingredients. A lot of ‘weight loss’ foods for cats include a lot of plants and fiber to ‘fill a cat up’ but these do not provide vital nutrients because cats lack the digestive capacity to unlock the nutrients in them.

    Check out what Lisa Pierson DVM has to say over at has to say, or if you prefer your information in book form, check out Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM and her book “Your Cat”

    Feeding your cat a “Cat-kins” diet one high in animal proteins and fats and low in plant based ingredients should naturally help your cat lose weight, feel nourished and help keep them healthy in the long term.
    Connie recently posted…Two Little Piggies..My Profile

    • Thanks for the references. That is a noted difference between dogs and cats – they do need more protein.
      KitKat recently posted…Welcome to SlimKittyMy Profile

  3. That was a great guest post, thanks Emma. Bert is handsome and I’m sure with a little more work and the help of Slimkitty Bert will loose a couple more pounds. I love the picture of the two in the scratching post.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…FitDog Friday~Ducks and Pink BumpersMy Profile

    • We’re gonna work on Bert – it’s tough because he has a medical issue…but we won’t give up!
      KitKat recently posted…Welcome to SlimKittyMy Profile

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