Bert – The Slimmed Down Version

Guest Post: Emma, MyGBGV Life

Life with Bert is never dull and when it comes to food and his weight, it is a 24/7/365 battle. Bert is obsessed with eating. The cat doesn’t even bother chewing, if possible he just swallows his food so he can eat faster. He not only steals from the other cat, he steals our dog food, and Mom’s food right off the kitchen counter. My other cat Sophie ever steals, and eats all she wants, never gaining an ounce. Bert became known as chubby Bert because of his big, growing belly.

When we first adopted Bert in 2008, he was about three years old and weighed in at 11.3 pounds. By the time he had been with us four years, he was a whopping 14.1 pounds, a fat cat, roughly 20% overweight. If you follow my own blog at all, you would know Mom and us dogs are all about being healthy and fit, so this was a big problem for our family. Bert had some urinary tract issues so he has been on a special diet for that, which means we can’t give him normal weight loss cat food. How does one get a cat like Bert to lose weight?

Bert at 14 lbs
Bert loves to go to the vet, and we all go together as a family once a year for checkups and weigh ins. Bert has a blast roaming around the room, getting lots of attention, sometimes getting in trouble, and finding treats other pets have left behind. He also tries to get to the computer to change his records so he doesn’t have to be on a diet!
Each year since the startling 14.1 pound weigh in his weight has decreased a bit. Last year, he was at 12.4 pounds, still a bit tubby according to Mom. We had enough of living with a fat cat, so we all really put our paws down and forced Bert to lose weight by eating less, snacking less, and preventing him from stealing food from others. He also has a block in the middle of his bowl to slow down his eating. Bailie and I have also started chasing and wrestling a bit more with him.
Bert getting his exam

We are so proud to announce that we were just at the vet for our 2014 checkups and Bert weighed in at 11.7 pounds. The vet was quite impressed with his new figure and said for an indoor cat it is not a bad weight, but he could lose another half pound or so. She has been our vet for three years, so she doesn’t know his initial weight was 11.3 pounds, almost half a pound less. We will try to get him to drop some ounces again over the next year, but he is looking pretty darn good right now. We think he even looks more “kittenish” as a slim boy.

Bert watching critters
He is not thrilled about the continuing diet and exercise, but he can’t wait to go back to the vet. I think there is something wrong in his head but Mom is just happy at least one or two of the five of us don’t mind visiting the vet.


Our Guest Post today is from Emma from My GBGV Life.

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  1. Good luck to you Bert! I wouldn’t have even thought you had a weight issue, but that one picture of you does make you look a little plump. Hope your dieting goes well!
    Ann Staub recently posted…How Important Is Credibility as an Advocate for Animals?My Profile

  2. Oh Bert, you are so much like my cat Beamer, it is ridiculous. Beamer loves to go to the vet too because he knows he gets treats. And he will walk around, hopping up on counters in the exam room to try to find the treat jar. Good grief. So glad Bert has been able to maintain his slim waistline!

  3. OMC Poor Bert havin’ to diet. Hims duz look good, but weez not fink himz wuz fat afur. Course weez boff be 30 pounds each kinda girly cats, so hims weighs faw less than eevew of us. Extwa play is gweat.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi
    Dezi recently posted…Proud Mommy!!!My Profile

  4. Bert looks very slim and trim…you’ve done a great job with him! I have to admit this is the first cat I’ve ever heard of that had to have a “slow me down” bowl, as we call them here. 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Tuesday’s Tails – Meet MeshachMy Profile

  5. Good job Bert! It is so hard to get weight off kittys, your on the right track!
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Black And White Sunday~Where’s GloryMy Profile

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