A Mischievous Look at the Feud Between Cats and Dogs

A guest post today from: Stacy Van Horn, blogger at CrazyDogLife.com

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When SlimKitty approached me and asked me write a guest post, I was taken back. A dog blogger writing a guest post for a cat’s blog! Well … that would be mischievous wouldn’t it?
In the interest of mischief, I decided to write the guest post while giving you some information on the cat, the dog, and my theory on what caused the feud between them. I found information which leads me to believe their hunting instinct is not the cause of this vendetta and found a very mischievous movie that takes my theory to whole new level.
According to researchers, the ancient ancestors of dogs and cats in central Spain happily coexisted 9 million years ago. Without any humans involved in the mix, saber-toothed cats and bear dogs lived in the same area with little trouble by staking claims to different resources and zones. It is funny that cats and dogs did not have much trouble living in harmony before humans came along.
Once humans entered the picture, the situation changed. Which brings us to our next question; which came first, the cat or the dog?


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The dog was domesticated about 14,000 years ago when humans realized their worth as the world’s first security alarm system. When humanity started living in groups, dogs were drawn to man’s settlements to scavenge for food. Humans quickly realized their potential as an early warning system for possible threats. The next time you are fed up with your dog for barking at every person who walks down your street, remember, this has been their biggest purpose in their life for thousands of years.

Dogs worked hard on building relationships with humans. They learned new skills to please humanity such as hunting, guarding, rescue, war, therapy, family protection and human companionship. With a lot of time and effort, dogs were able to assert themselves as important assets and valuable companions to humans.
Cats did not show up on the scene until later. Mankind began storing large amounts of grain about 8,000 years ago and it was about that time humans realized cat’s worth as rodent exterminators. Even today, you will find many farmers using cats for the oldest profession in the barn.
They may have arrived on the scene late but it did not take cats long to dominate history. 3,000 years ago, the Egyptians not only welcomed cats into their homes but they worshiped them. Yes, you read that right. They began to idolize cats as Gods.
My theory is this was the cause of the feud. Can you image spending 11,000 years learning new skills and being a loving companion to man, only for man to begin worshiping the cat after a mere five thousand years? Cats remained indifferent and learned no new skills for humans. This lack of effort on the cat’s part became a bone of contention for dogs.
I was searching the internet, trying to find proof of my theory when I ran across this trailer for the 2001 movie by Warner Brothers, “Cats & Dogs.” This is the only other reference I can find to the feud among cats and dogs starting in Egypt over the worship of cats but hey … it’s something.


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According to the movie’s plot, Cats have been trying to take over the world since Egyptian times. The only reason Egyptians worshipped cats was because the cats had used mind control devices on them. Dogs thwarted their plans and restored order to the planet but cats and dogs have been at war since. The movie begins in modern times and yep, you guessed it, cats are trying to take over the world again.
I had not seen “Cats & Dogs” before so you know I had to watch it. It was cute and good for a few laughs. I would not call it a doggie classic but it was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
What it did do was strengthen my resolve in my theory. I am even more certain now that the feud between cats and dogs began in Egypt and has something to do with humans worshiping cats.
I do not have any cats at the moment but if I did, I think I would be watching them a little closer. If you see your cat wearing a hat that resembles this, your cat may be trying to brain wash you into worshiping them. It may be a matter of national security so please contact your nearest dog! I fear many have already fallen under their spell.
If you are a dog owner, please continue to support your dog. They may have just saved the world today so take it easy on them when they chew your favorite shoes. Saving the world is stressful stuff and a dog has to do something to take the edge off.
Whatever you do, do not let your dog catch you worshiping a cat. I cannot prove this was the cause of the feud between cats and dogs but it might well be the beginning of one between you and your dog.
Happy Mischief Monday!


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A guest post today from: Stacy, blogger at CrazyDogLife.com



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  1. What a fun post! I can’t help but ponder how this fits into the conflict between cat and dog and both people… since I am both, I am definitely suspect and wary of cats but I also think a cat ruled world sounds like a pretty nice place!
    Bethany recently posted…How Wilhelm Got His Bounce Back And An #AntiAgingPets GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Thank you so much for letting me guest post. I had a lot of fun with this and hope your readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy Mischief Monday Everyone 🙂
    Stacey recently posted…7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Monetized BlogMy Profile

  3. BOL Stacey, that was great!!!!! Loved this post!
    I think your on to something here! I have kitties and dogs. And half the time, my huskies will go out of their way to take the longest most far away route possible just to avoid walking by the cats, and most likely getting swatted! But the cats toy with them, because the other half of the time, the kitties are snuggling up to the huskies on the couch!
    xx husky hugz
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…OMD! Mondays – Tribute to dadsMy Profile

  4. No wonder Luke is always chasing Samantha around….he’s trying to keep her in her place so she and Conrad can’t take over! Then again, we’re always defending Sam so she might already have us brainwashed….LOL. What a cute post, I do remember that movie and it was cute (I loved the beagle in it).
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – How Does Your Dog Drink?My Profile

  5. Always had cats and dogs and they always got along, meaning no killing took place!!!! Right now I own a GSD and a Bengal cat and they are great together! When my lil chihuahua was alive she was the boss over BOTH of them and they feared and obeyed her! hahahaha

  6. Very good theory! Mom is going to figure out a way to use this to convince dad to get a cat. Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Monday Mischief: Beach DayMy Profile

  7. this was a great cool post, thanks for sharing.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~3 Mischief’s In 1My Profile

  8. That’s cute. I think my dogs are wary of my cats simply because they have pointy bits.

    –Wags and purrs from Life with Dogs and Cats
    Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats recently posted…Haiku by Dog: DestinationMy Profile

  9. I think that this feud is so interesting. I am curious to know if people are naturally more prone to choose either a cat or dog based on if their decedents from Egyptian blood or not…hmmmm
    Rachel Sheppard recently posted…Black & White Sunday: A Trip to the ERMy Profile

  10. Hee! Cute post! And I’ve seen that movie… agreed, not a classic, but worth a coupla hours. I just did a post the other day on the ancient Egyptians and their relationships with animals (and their mummification of them!). Interesting stuff!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Can You Find Happiness at the Drive-Thru?My Profile

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