A Dog Learns About Catnip

Hi, SlimDoggy Jack here. I thought it was about time I visited my sister site SlimKitty and see what it was all about. Some cute and funny cats over here. I don’t see them working out as hard as me, but they’re cats, what can I say.
Anyways, I thought I would pop over every once in awhile to investigate a pressing dog question that only a cat can answer. Today’s question is:

What is it with Catnip?

As a dog, I’ve never understood the attraction, but I understand it’s really quite appealing to cats. I looked it up on the google and it tells me that it’s really a plant, something called nepeta catperia and is commonly know as catnip, catmint or catwort. It seems the leaves have a pretty powerful affect on cats – even wild cats like tigers & lions.

Cats will sniff it, lick it, eat and roll in it, pounce on it and play with it. Sounds like how I react to dead fish…
I read that after the initial ‘high’, cats might get all sleepy and drowsy or they might get anxious. Not all cats react to catnip – only about 60-70% and kittens don’t react at all.

We found this video that I think probably shows catnip effects pretty good. Kind of funny to watch the cats, it sure does look like they are drugged – I hope it’s safe.

Here’s some additional resources:


If there are any cats out there who likecatnip, we’d love to hear what you think of it!




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  1. Thank you Jack for letting us know about catnip. MK doesn’t really react to it. Some of my other cats did. I have wild catnip on my property so I have a endless supply of it as it spreads like wildfire.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Tasty Tuesday~Best Elk AntlersMy Profile

    • It looks kind of pretty from the pictures.
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

  2. Our cat Don Juan used to get kind of mean with catnip so he wasn’t allowed to have it. Samantha likes to roll in it but doesn’t get real crazy or anything, and Conrad doesn’t really react. I always wondered if it was safe for dogs, because I’d like to put a couple of plants on the porch for Sam but of course have to worry about the dogs possibly getting into it. I think it is safe from what I’ve read.
    Jan K recently posted…Why I Love Summer – Sepia SaturdayMy Profile

    • I’m sure if it wasn’t safe, you’d hear about it more.
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

  3. That was definitely an interesting video!!
    The only cat nip my kitties have ever had has been inside of their toys. But I have to say, if my kitties started foaming at the mouth, like the one in that video, I would be worried!
    xx husky hugz
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…The Returns book review – Adoptable husky OTWMy Profile

    • I know – that was a little scary…I think it was an overdose!
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

  4. I’ve had cats that were crazy about the stuff (and I grew patches of it for them), but Skeeter is not interested. At. All.
    Sue recently posted…Merrick Big Brush Bones Dental Chews from Chewy.com | Product ReviewMy Profile

    • Weird how some cats love and some can’t be bothered.
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

  5. My sisters and I don’t understand the catnip thing at all. Of course, Bert is a complete nip head, but Sophie doesn’t touch the stuff. Too bad they don’t have dog nip, that would be fun!
    Emma recently posted…Put Your Best Paw Forward With Personalized Collars!My Profile

    • I know – I think Jack would like dog nip too…although bacon is pretty close…
      KitKat recently posted…A Dog Learns About CatnipMy Profile

  6. When I had cats, they only got cat nip in their toys. I never gave it to them straight. I had a cat get real weird on it once so I only allowed the toys.
    Bacon as dog nip sounds about right. It makes Prince drool and roll around on the floor in ectasy 🙂
    Stacey recently posted…Risky Dog BusinessMy Profile

    • Yeah – some of those cats in the video look a little wired up…
      KitKat recently posted…Cats: Handling HairballsMy Profile

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